Applications Now Open: New ThinkLab Project with Cambridge Zero

28 January 2021

By Tyler Shores


CAMBRIDGE THINKLAB, February – April 2021

A New Opportunity for PhD Research Students and Postdocs: Working with Cambridge Zero, Climate Change and Sustainability

The University of Cambridge ThinkLab is a unique opportunity within the University to present researchers with a live challenge and the potential to develop innovative solutions alongside industry professionals. This term’s ThinkLab project is partnering with Cambridge Zero, and you will have a chance to help develop meaningful impact on the pressing issues of climate change and sustainability.


The ThinkLab enables Cambridge researchers to apply their research skills and experiences in new contexts and develop new working relationships with industry partners, and is ideal for anyone who is seeking applied research experience and opportunities to build upon existing skills for broader audiences. During the course of the term, the ThinkLab also provides professional skills development and networking opportunities, to help you maximize your research impact and professional scope going forward.


As part of the ThinkLab, your challenge is to work closely with Cambridge Zero and partner organisations, and other offices across the University to create solutions to the problem statements presented to the team. During our meetings you will also get a chance to work with some leading world figures on climate change; our full roster of exciting guest speakers will be published in the coming weeks.


The ThinkLab utilises an interdisciplinary approach, and we welcome researchers from a diverse range of backgrounds and areas of expertise. A broad interest in climate change and sustainability is recommended.


As part of the ThinkLab you will have opportunities to:

  • Develop your skills in areas such as project management and gain cross-team collaboration experience
  • Apply your research skills across different contexts and audiences
  • Have the opportunity to network with experts from different industries
  • Present to nonacademic audiences and hone communication skills
  • Have access to the ThinkLab alumni group, connecting you with Cambridge graduates working in a variety of fields
  • Have the opportunity to participate in a public online event and wide audience in conjunction with Cambridge Zero at the end of the project


More information – including the online application form and timeline of the programme is in the link available here (please sign into your University account to access):

Applications close at 5pm10th February 2021.


If you have any questions, please contact our ThinkLab programme manager, Tyler Shores (