“the ThinkLab was a tremendous opportunity, not only because this was my area of expertise but also because the project entailed challenges that I was also facing in my own PhD research.”  – Elifgül Doğan


“I have found this ThinkLab process to be incredibly illuminating and useful … I have come to understand a lot better the network of connections between projects like the CCC, which have far-reaching and broad ambitions, and single organisations like the museums which each have their own way of doing things and curators who have very specific (often contradicting) ideas about what best practice means!” – Rebekah King


For me, the collaborative aspect was one of the greatest aspects of ThinkLab…I will definitely try to keep that ‘customer centric’ aspect when doing research in the future.” – Andrés Gvirtz


“I really enjoyed my term at ThinkLab…working with a diverse team from a wide range of backgrounds introduced me to different approaches and perspectives, and helped broaden my own ways of thinking…I am very happy I pursued this project, and encourage others to  join the incredible team at Thinklab!” – Reanna Brooks