The University of Cambridge ThinkLab works on a wide variety of projects and collaborations across various organizations and industries. View some of our recent collaborations below:

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ThinkLab and the BBC – Envisioning the Future of Work (March 2023 – Present)

ThinkLab and BBC are working on a brand new research project on the future of work. How do platforms such as Teams and Zoom impact community and collaboration?

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The Sandbach Tinne Programme (November 2022 – February 2023)

This ThinkLab project stems from the remarkable historical research work spearheaded by Cambridge PhD student Malik Al Nasir, and is the first phase of a wider strategic development and delivery strategy for the Sandbach Tinne Interactive Exhibit Project.

The Cambridge Festival (2021)

This ThinkLab project was a collaboration with the University of Cambridge Public Engagement team. The project investigated and recommended digital engagement methods in the lead up to The Cambridge Festival, the University's largest public engagement event. 

Thinklab-BBC CAPE Neurodiversity Project (July 2022)

For this project, the University of Cambridge ThinkLab partnered with the BBC to investigate how organisations can create an inclusive workplace culture that recognises and celebrates neurodiversity. The 10-month research collaboration culminated in a comprehensive report that outlines different ways workplaces can be more accommodating for neurodiverse individuals.

ThinkLab – Aviva: Fostering a Neuroinclusive Workplace Culture (2021)

In 2021, the Cambridge ThinkLab team partnered with British multinational insurance company Aviva to create a groundbreaking new employability scheme for autistic individuals.

Achieving Net Zero with the UK’s National Health Service (2021)

In 2021, the University of Cambridge ThinkLab launched a joint research project with the UK National Health Service (NHS) and Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) Addenbrooke's to explore how the NHS can successfully reach its net zero target by 2045. The collaboration culminated in a comprehensive report, titled Achieving Net Zero within the NHS, recommending system-wide transformational and behavioural change in order for the NHS to reach its net zero target.