‘The Thesis Whisperer’ at Wolfson College

1 June 2023

Here is a fantastic new article from Wolfson College, with our ThinkLab Visiting Scholar, Professor Inger Mewburn, that is a fantastic read: “‘The Thesis Whisperer’ on neurodiversity in academia, delivering workshops at Wolfson, and a few months of “fruitful hanging out” in Cambridge.

Inger Mewburn Thesis Whisperer at Wolfson College Cambridge We are extremely happy to have Inger with us in Cambridge during these couple of months (more than a few of us in The ThinkLab have been longtime followers of The Thesis Whisperer blog). As some of our followers will note, neurodiversity has become a major focus in some of our ThinkLab projects and collaborations.

Especially of interest from the Wolfson College article is this part:

“Following the publication of Be Visible or Vanish, Inger is now researching neurodiversity and PhD study – a focus that inspired her link up with the ThinkLab, following their collaboration with the BBC.  

“I think a lot of academics sit somewhere on various spectrums. And I think it’s something we just never talk about.”

“I’ve just started a literature review, and it seems that nobody’s done anything around PhD study and neurodiversity, which is extraordinary considering potentially how many people are or have been doing a PhD who identify as autistic, ADHD, and so on.”

Read the full article on the Wolfson College website here.


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