Announcing The ThinkLab Future of Work Hackathon!

20 September 2023

The University of Cambridge ThinkLab is pleased to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Google’s REWS (Real Estate and Workplaces Services) Team and BBC CAPE to convene a hackathon focused on exploring accessibility, inclusion, and the future of work in the context of neurodiversity.

The first of its kind, this hackathon will bring together a diverse group of participants from across industries at Jesus College, Cambridge to generate creative, multidisciplinary, and actionable solutions for making hybrid work environments more accessible and equitable for everyone.

“We are very excited to be organising this hackathon with Google and the BBC to generate ideas that can have an immediate, tangible impact on the way people work and collaborate with one another,” said Tyler Shores, Programme Manager at the University of Cambridge ThinkLab. “Through this hackathon, we hope to translate bring together our research around neurodiversity and the future of work into actionable solutions, that can act as a catalyst for future research and innovation.”

During December 11th and 12th at Jesus College, Cambridge, research teams will be invited to compete to develop solutions that address specific challenges pertaining to accessibility and inclusion in the workplace. The workshop will culminate in a presentation to key peers and industry professionals. The University of Cambridge will support the winning teams by providing additional guidance and funding to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

Upon conclusion of the hackathon, a ThinkLab research report will also be produced capturing best practices and creative solutions developed across teams to help inform further research and cross-fertilization of ideas.

The collaboration presents an exceptional opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the future of work, promoting accessibility, and creating a more inclusive, welcoming environment for all.

This hackathon event is a continuation of the ThinkLab collaboration with the BBC during 2022, and you can read more about the project on neurodiversity in the workplace here.

The application for expressions of interest are now open here:

For additional information or media inquiries, please contact Tyler Shores (

Cambridge ThinkLab future of work hackathon with BBC and Google

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Cambridge ThinkLab future of work hackathon with BBC and Google