Event Announcement: Amplifying Neurodivergent Voices in Cambridge

2 May 2024

Invitation to a Community Insights Event in Cambridge

The neurodivergent community has long been a source of untapped potential, waiting for the opportunity to showcase their unique abilities and contribute to society in meaningful ways. Although this has been changing thanks to various valuable initiatives and individuals advocating for more inclusive workplaces and educational opportunities for neurodivergent individuals in the past decade, progress is still slow, and the voices of those who are neurodivergent need to be heard more clearly than ever to help shape these initiatives and drive positive change. 

As an organisation committed to promoting neurodiversity, ThinkLab has been actively working to bridge this gap. We have witnessed first-hand the incredible talents and unique perspectives that neurodivergent individuals bring to the table, and we believe it’s time for the world to listen and learn from these voices. 

That’s why we are thrilled to announce, “Amplifying Neurodivergent Voices in Cambridge,” a community event taking place on Friday, 7 June 2024, at the Cambridge West Hub. This event is not just a platform for neurodivergent individuals to share their experiences; it’s a catalyst for change, a call to action for our community to come together and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all. 

The Importance of This Event 

While small neurodivergent groups in Cambridge occasionally gather for peer support, there is a pressing need for a larger-scale public event that facilitates open discussions, creates awareness, and drives positive change in attitudes towards neurodiversity. Our event aims to fill this void by addressing the significant challenges neurodivergent individuals face in education and employment due to societal constraints and biases. We will feature strategies and opportunities that help neurodivergent individuals successfully navigate a world that is often designed too rigidly and narrowly to accommodate the diverse experiences of the human mind. By bringing these issues to the forefront, we hope to challenge stereotypes, promote a deeper understanding of neurodiversity, and create a more inclusive community that celebrates and supports individuals with different cognitive styles and abilities. 

What to Expect

A- Engaging Panels and Discussions 

Through panel discussions featuring speakers from diverse backgrounds and a series of mediated group discussions, we aim to facilitate the sharing of lived experiences and foster a sense of community. Join us for a day filled with insightful conversations, personal storytelling, and strategic discussions on fostering inclusivity! 

Please see the detailed tentative programme timeline below.

 B- Prioritisation of Accessibility and Inclusivity 

We have carefully chosen the Cambridge West Hub as our event venue due to its exceptional accessibility features and inclusive environment. The venue is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of our community members, ensuring that every participant feels welcomed, valued, and comfortable throughout the day. To further enhance accessibility, we will be providing: 

  • A quiet room throughout the event for individuals who need a space to rest and recharge. 
  • Fidget toys and sensory items to help attendees regulate their sensory needs and stay focused. 
  • Color-coded bracelets that allow participants to communicate their social interaction preferences without having to verbally explain themselves. 

Who Can Attend

This event is open to neurodivergent individuals (whether diagnosed or undiagnosed), their family members, and advocates or researchers working on neurodiversity. We aim to create a safe, inclusive space where people with diverse neurotypes can share their experiences, learn from one another, and build a stronger sense of community. Whether you are neurodivergent yourself or are committed to supporting and understanding neurodiversity, you are welcome to join us for this impactful event.

Register and Contact Us 

We are incredibly excited to welcome you to this inspiring day of impactful discussions and community building. Together, we can challenge stereotypes, foster inclusivity, and create a more supportive environment for all in Cambridge. So, mark your calendars for June 7, 2024, and join us in amplifying the voices of our neurodivergent community members.  

  • To secure your spot, please register on this link!
  • If you have any questions, require additional information, or need assistance with registration, our friendly team is here to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ThinkLab@admin.cam.ac.uk. 


Tentative Programme Timeline

Please note that this timeline is not final and may be subject to limited changes. The names of the panel speakers and other details will be added at a later date.