The Cambridge Festival (2021)

Project Overview

This ThinkLab project was a collaboration with the University of Cambridge Public Engagement team. The project centred on digital engagement methods at  The Cambridge Festival, the University’s largest public engagement event. 

In analyzing previous online versions of the Festival, the ThinkLab team investigated best practices and innovation for engaging digitally with the public, and made recommendations for new event and engagement models across social media, web and digital broadcast. In 2021, the Festival launched as an online only, digital event, and sought to expand further in 2022 with a mixed model of in-person and digital engagement activities. The Festival in 2021 was watched by over 100,000 people from across five continents- and shared with the public the research from 115 University departments and partner organisations. Sir David Attenborough and the University Vice-Chancellor where amongst the key contributors.

A big thank you to David Cain, Cambridge Festival Manager, for his collaboration throughout this exciting project.