Elifgül Doğan

Elif is a PhD candidate at the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre. She received her MA in Museum Studies and Heritage Management from Koç University in İstanbul, where she also earned her BA in Archaeology and her Minor in International Relations.

Her PhD research incorporates various methodologies from anthropology, heritage studies and museum studies, and explores how the bodies of the ancient dead are used in contemporary political debates to shape public perceptions of national heritage and identity.

Beside her academic work, she trains as a collection management and curatorial assistant at the Duckworth Laboratory in Cambridge.

She first joined the Thinklab as a fellow for the Thinklab-BBC Neurodiversity Project, and later took part in Thinklab-UCM Collections, Connections and Communities Project. She currently works as a research associate at the Thinklab where she develops publications and public-facing outputs resulting from ThinkLab projects and supports other internal operations.