Lauren Moon

Lauren Moon is a second year PhD candidate and Wellcome Trust scholar at the University of Cambridge, based in the Gurdon Institute. Following an undergraduate degree in Anatomy, Developmental and Human Biology from King’s College London, she went on to complete an MPhil in Developmental Mechanisms at the University of Cambridge before starting her PhD, researching the morphogenetic movements involved in neural tube development. Alongside making use of her primarily biology based background, she is now learning coding, computer modelling and aspects of physics to create a multidisciplinary approach to understanding early brain development in amniotes. Throughout her time in academia, she has been elected to several successive committees for welfare and education as well as acting as liaison between the student body and university staff. She has worked on several projects to improve workplace accessibility and diversity, often focusing on neurodiversity, and joined the BBC Thinklab project to continue this. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.