Nina Jörden

Dr Nina Jörden is a research associate at the Bennett Institute. Her work focuses on questions around the future of work: What do employees need to be resilient and productive? What will “good work” look like in the future? How can work be meaningful and meet societal needs? Nina addresses these questions in both the private and public sectors.

Her previous research projects have included advising the Cabinet Office on digital information sharing between emergency services during the Covid 19 pandemic, investigating the emotional health of astronauts during space missions, and critically analysing data-driven decision-making in management professions.

She is an active member of several networking groups and a regular guest speaker in the field of data-driven decision making. She is also a member of The Productivity Institute.Nina holds a PhD in Organisational Studies from Loughborough University, an MSc in Human Resource Management from Loughborough University and a BA in Psychology and Management from the International School of Management, Germany.