University of Cambridge Research Impact at Scale Through Partnerships & Engagement

Bringing together experts from a wide variety of industries with some of the brightest minds in academia, the ThinkLab and its unique position within the University of Cambridge network provides promising opportunities for businesses to engage with motivated and experienced researchers across a broad range of academic disciplines.

Forging Multi-Sector Partnerships

The ThinkLab model enables the academic and business worlds to come together and develop bespoke approaches to solve pressing real-life challenges and create genuine impact.

Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration

Understanding the enormous potential of fostering mutually beneficial relationships between academia and industry is central to our work at the ThinkLab. As our programme keeps expanding in size and scope, we’re inviting corporate partners - from small start-ups to large established companies - to collaborate with us on a variety of exciting projects.

Expert, Evidence-Based Research

The ThinkLab model enables academia and industry to come together and share best practices to solve a variety of different challenges. We help connect organisations in need with refreshing insights and evidence-based findings from academia to inform their strategies and approaches.

Tangible Outputs and Impact

ThinkLab is output-driven and determined to ensure that all of its projects create tangible, positive impact across industries and academic disciplines. Each initiative is designed with a clear set of goals and priorities in mind to ensure all team members are on the same page and singularly focused on delivering tangible impact.

ThinkLab projects and collaborations span a variety of organizations and industries. View some of our recent collaborations below:

Orange banner that reads 'Amplifying Neurodivergent Voices in Cambridge'

Amplifying Neurodivergent Voices in Cambridge – Community Event

The Amplifying Neurodivergent Voices in Cambridge event was hosted by the University of Cambridge’s ThinkLab on June 7, 2024, at...

Future of Work Hackathon

The ThinkLab Hackathon, held at Jesus College, University of Cambridge, on December 11-12, 2023, was a groundbreaking initiative addressing the...

BBC logo

ThinkLab and the BBC – Envisioning the Future of Work (March 2023 – Present)

ThinkLab and BBC are working on a brand new research project on the future of work. How do platforms such as Teams and Zoom impact community and collaboration?

sandbach tinne project cambridge thinklab

The Sandbach Tinne Programme (November 2022 – February 2023)

This ThinkLab project stems from the remarkable historical research work spearheaded by Cambridge PhD student Malik Al Nasir, and is the first phase of a wider strategic development and delivery strategy for the Sandbach Tinne Interactive Exhibit Project.

The Cambridge Festival (2021)

This ThinkLab project was a collaboration with the University of Cambridge Public Engagement team. The project investigated and recommended digital engagement methods in the lead up to The Cambridge Festival, the University's largest public engagement event. 

Thinklab-BBC CAPE Neurodiversity Project (July 2022)

For this project, the University of Cambridge ThinkLab partnered with the BBC to investigate how organisations can create an inclusive workplace culture that recognises and celebrates neurodiversity. The 10-month research collaboration culminated in a comprehensive report that outlines different ways workplaces can be more accommodating for neurodiverse individuals.

Latest Updates

The latest updates from our current and past Thinklab researchers.